Series Description

The Gospel According to Luke

The more we closely examine first century people, the more we see that they are just like us.  Their problems and attitudes concerning sin, money, anxiety, hope, community, rejection, vengeance, pride, humility and God’s direction mirror the questions we face.  The Gospel of Luke gives us insight on how Jesus addressed such topics and he makes clear how we can come to know God.

 Luke is about God’s plan for humanity.  The Gospel explains who Jesus is, what he did, why he came, and how he prepared the disciples for the role they would have in his plan.  Luke probes such issues as these; how did an originally Jewish movement become the basis for an offer of salvation to all?  Do Gentiles really belong in the family of God?  If Jesus was originally the Messiah for Israel, why did he meet so much opposition that they crucified him?  And how could a crucified Messiah become the basis for hope for all humanity?

 We will discover that virtually every story in Luke’s Gospel challenges us to respond to Jesus. In this series, we will see that Jesus, the Son of God, was and is the fulfillment of the covenant promises of God.