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Everywhere you look there are small groups. From sports teams, to office meetings, to family get-togethers and even carpool lanes! Life is done in small groups. We believe that the Christian life is no different and that everyone should be connected in a small community of believers to pray, study God’s Word, and get to know one another in personal and intimate settings. Life Group launches are offered throughout the year, where you’ll have the opportunity to find a group that’s right for you. Contact us for details.

Interested in joining a Life Group or leading one? Or just have questions? Community Life Pastor Conrad Wozniak,, would love to help you!


Women's Ministries is a place women of all ages can connect and find ways to belong. At Salt Church OC, we realize one size doesn't fit everyone, that's why we offer a variety of relaxed environments where you can meet some friendly faces and discover what we're all about.

Women's coffees and breakfasts, hiking, Bible studies and serving opportunities are held throughout the year and are open to all women from the community.

For more info or to find out about our upcoming events, please contact our Community Life Pastor, Conrad Wozniak,


Men's Ministries strives to build a culture of encouragement and support. Through breakfasts, outdoor activities, Bible studies and retreats, we take time away from our busy lives to connect and build meaningful friendships. To find out more about upcoming events, contact Conrad Wozniak,

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