Programs and Events

Salt Church believes in the importance of a growing and healthy Children’s Ministry. This is important for multiple reasons:

  • The first is it allows a child to experience community, messaging, and experiences that are suitable and exciting for that age group.

  • The second is that it gives flexibility and allows the parents, to connect with others and pay attention to the teaching knowing that their children are being discipled and cared for in a separate space.


We ask that parents would check-in their children before the worship service to ensure that everyone is accounted for and can be received in their rooms during the greeting time dismissal. At Salt Church we have the children join with us in the worship for the first few songs then dismiss the children because we believe that is extremely valuable because it allows parents to model true, honest worship to their children.


We are continually looking to develop these programs and are looking for people who are passionate in teaching, caring for, and giving our children a safe space to connect and learn more about Jesus.